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Häufig gestellte Fragen

1. I am a new customer. How do I order?

Welcome to Galex Germany!

We offer tailor-made dance shoes in premium quality.

All products can be found in our online shop. - They can be bought online here and now.

Click on a product that interests you and specify size and color.

Then you can click on 'Add to cart'

You can also add several items to the shopping cart which you will find on the website in the same way.

After you have found all the items, go to the cashier by clicking on the shopping cart, then 'Checkout' and follow the order process Confirm your purchase by clicking on 'BUY NOW!'

Then you will receive information about your order by email.

2. Do I have to order online?

Ordering online is the safest and most effective way for us to process your order.

Therefore, we only accept online orders for smaller private orders.

For schools, clubs and dealers who have a higher counseling claim, we also accept telephone orders.

3. How can I register?

Just click on Sign up in the upper right corner of our page.

There you will find the opportunity to register as a new customer with us.

Or you already have goods in your shopping basket, then you just go to the cashier and the system will then offer you a new registration and you just have to follow the steps described.

4. I gave an incorrect size when ordering. Can I change this?
Just get in touch with our service team.

5. I forgot my password, what can I do?

If you forgot your password, you can simply send a new one.

You will receive a new password either via the option "Forgotten password", which you can see below the registration fields.

Or you write an email to our service team.

6. How can I contact you?
Either send us an email to or use our contact form to contact us.

7. How can I change my order?

Only if your order is not packed, we can take note of your changes.

We pack the whole day, so your change requests must be sent as soon as possible by phone or by email to our service team after ordering.

8. How long will it take to receive my order?

If we have your items in stock and if your order and payment on weekdays we received by 12 clock, we will work on you the same day and send your new pair of shoes to you.

2-3 days later you can hold your shoes in your hands.

However, if your ordered items are not in stock, it can unfortunately lead to a delivery time of up to 4 weeks.

9. How can I track my order?
Your orders will be sent as a package and provided with a tracking ID, which you can get notified and look up.

10. Do you also accept orders from abroad?

Naturally! If you have further questions, just use our contact form.

Information on returns from abroad can be found on the shipping costs page or ask our service team.

11. Do I have to pay customs?

Deliveries to non-EU countries incur additional duties and fees.

Please inform yourself in your country about the possible duties and fees that you may have to carry in addition.

12. What are the shipping costs?
For the shipping costs, please refer to the following link:


13. How and when will I be notified if a pair of shoes is out of stock?

Our shop system already shows you in the shop whether a pair of shoes is in stock.

If the shoes are sold out, you can pre-order them anyway.

Once the shoes are available, we will deliver them to you.

14. The goods I want are sold out, can you reorder them?

Unfortunately it can happen that certain goods are sold out.

Our customer service can answer when a particular item is in stock again.

The standard delivery times are shown in the shopping cart and under normal circumstances also reliable.

15. How does the payment work?

When you go to checkout with your item, you will be asked for your preferred payment method.

You can choose between payment by credit card (Visa & Mastercard), PayPal, and bank transfer.

Please note that we only ship the goods to you when the due amount has been credited to our account.

16. Why do not I receive a confirmation email?

There can be two reasons for this:

Either an error has occurred when entering your e-mail address or the confirmation e-mail from us has landed in the spam folder of your e-mail provider.

Take a look there or write an email to our service team.

17. How can I change the delivery address of my order?

Please write to our service team with your order number and the necessary changes.

Our service team will let you know if it is still possible to make the change.

18. What happens to my package when I'm not at home?

DHL will deposit a message in your mailbox and you can pick up your parcel at the local post office or it will try again to deliver it to you.

We recommend that you send your package to your job, so there is always someone to take your package.

19. My order is intended as a gift, can I have a gift card enclosed?
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to attach a card or personal greetings to your order.

20. The goods I buy are now cheaper, do you refund the difference?

Luckily for our customers, we set more prices down than up.

We are unable to refund the difference to customers who have already purchased a product.

21. Can I exchange my goods personally?

By appointment, you can come for exchange in person.

Simply contact our service team for the appointment.

22. An incorrect amount was refunded.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen to us as well.

If you believe you have received the wrong amount, please send an email to our service team with your order number and the amount you wish to refund.

We will examine your matter immediately.

23. There is a lack of goods in the order

Regrettably, mistakes can also be made here.

If you have received your order and an item is missing, please contact our service team and provide your order number.

We will check it then.

24. The shoes were damaged during delivery. What now?

Do not worry about it.

Our deliveries are of course insured, and the damaged goods will be replaced immediately.

25. I want more information about a product

We write as much information as possible about our products, such as size, color, materials and goods for example.

If you need further information, please write to info@galex-deutschland.

However, it is important that you include the article name in your request.

26. Can you tell me where else can I buy the goods from Galex Germany?
Unfortunately, our customer service is unable to say where else you can buy the items you find on Galex-Deutschland.