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 The company " Galex " is one of the leading manufacturer of high quality footwear for dancing in Ukraine , Russia and growing every day in other European countries.

The long-term development of the company is confirmed by the existence of the patent on the name " Galex " and " ГалекС " in the Russian Federation and Ukraine by patent offices .

In addition, we point out that the company " Galex " exclusive adjustments for dance shoes using the tufted method ( the outsole is stitched to the insole ) produces and manufactures . This method is always combined with interesting design solutions to elegant , comfortable and convenient to make shoes .

The average life expectancy of a " Galex " model is about one year.
For dance shoes, which often last no longer than two to three months during active training , that's a pretty good result.

The tufted manufacturing process is the intellectual property of " GALEX " / " ГалекС " and is recognized as an invention. This we confirmed with the appropriate patent.

" Galex " has various certificates as confirmation of the manufacturing processes of footwear.






Children's shoes are produced with the same technology as the adult shoes . Because children's feet are very sensitive and can by technical errors (eg too soft toe ) lead to the development of flat feet .
In contrast to all the shoes , which are now presented on the market , the company " Galex " has quality certificates for children and adults shoes.
In addition, the company owns " Galex " even hygiene certificates.

The production of " Galex " shoes is international.
The production of shoes is with the help of Italian design , authoring systems in modeling has been compiled by a professor at the University of Light Industry .
The leather for the shoes comes from Ukrainian origin , paint materials come from Spain , satin materials from England.
To select the right materials for production , then the company " Galex " for the annual exhibition in Bologna, Italy . From Italy brings the company " Galex " for example, Beech - wood to Kiev , which is installed in each heel.

Due to the Italian female female paragraphs are virtually unbreakable.
The confidence in the quality of Italian beech are " Galex " the possibility of the customer to provide additional guarantees.
Not less reliable are the " male " paragraphs that are made of Ukrainian book.


The only reason can be given for each pair of shoes a 30 day guarantee !


" Galex " is one of the few companies that guarantee their customers for their money high quality shoes.

It was achieved by basic principles:

1 Full manual production from the beginning to the end of the production process .

2 Well coordinated and organized work in all areas of production , which saves a lot of time in the production

3 Individual responsibility of each and every cobbler seamstress , by personal stamp on the sole and demFutter .

4 Permanent strict quality control of the products.

5 Continual search for new technological solutions , new materials and new equipment .

6 A creative team of designers and stylists who pay attention to the current trends in the dance world and constantly update the product line , taking into account the wishes of the most demanding and experienced dancers!