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Dear customer,

thank you for buying our shoes that meet the highest international standards for dance shoes.

We guarantee that our goods are free of defects.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your shoes and have long fun at your dance shoes.

Therefore, we recommend the following :

Please use only clean , soft cloths when they are trying to protect shoes against dirt and scratching the soles.

Remember, though, that it is very important to have the right fit . So the fun you make your shoes will last much longer.

Where the feet of a person usually have different lengths and shapes , it is important to try both shoes.

Dance shoes must fit snugly to cause pain without your foot. Only you can help you find the right balance on the dance floor .

Different models may sit a little different than other models.

In " closed " Ladies and men's shoes, your toes should cover the soles of the shoes completely , and we recommend that the toes extend only a little over the edge .

Should you not be sure that the shoes suit you , or you are not completely satisfied with the size or fit , or you have other reasons that speak against the shoes, we take unused and soiled shoes within 14 days after the extradition back and guarantee you a full refund of the purchase price or exchange the shoes.

Shoes that have already been washed by hand or machine , are exempt !

Equipment returned in shoes for more than 14 days, we draw 15 % of the purchase price from the reimbursement .

In material or workmanship , we offer the return within 30 days after delivery and guarantee a repair , refund or exchange the shoes. However, only under the condition that the shoes were only used for dancing.

We are not responsible for shoes that are lost during transportation.

The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

Take care of your leather shoes. Maintain and brush the soles of shoes , so that they are kept free of wax and debris .

Galex dance shoes have been made especially for dancing and are not designed to be worn on the street!

Also, they are not intended for hand or machine cleaning .

Better dancing in better shoes!